LETS: Prepare for the Future

With funding provided by a grant from Arkansas National Science Foundation EPSCoR, teachers will learn how to integrate emerging technology into their classrooms, inspire the next generation of leaders, and prepare tomorrow’s workforce to thrive in the new economy.

Professional development workshops & access to free technology

LETS: Prepare for the Future is a set of workshops led and facilitated by EAST in partnership with NSF EPSCoR whose mission is to strengthen research and education in the area of Science and Engineering in Arkansas. Workshops begin June 7th and are available to any teacher in Arkansas. Registrations are limited to one session per teacher.

3D Printing Training

Workshop 1: June 9, 9AM-12PM

Workshop 2: June 21, 9AM-10AM

Workshop 3: July 5, 9AM-10AM

Pi-Top Training

Workshop 1: June 7, 1-3PM

Workshop 2: June 23, 10-11AM

Workshop 3: July 7, 10-11AM

3D Printing Workshop Descriptions

The Essentials of 3d Printing (3hr session):

Workshop 1: Set up your 3D printer and create your first print!

Each registered teacher will receive a 3D printer. We will go through the process of 3D printing, running your printer, and maintaining it over time. We will cover how to find educational models that already exist, tips on helping your students create 3D models for their projects, walk you through how to 3D print models, and review tons of free programs and resources to get you started.

In this hands-on class, you will be 3D printing on your new machine! You will need an internet enabled device to design and find models on. Any computer, Chromebook, or tablet will work. No external software will be required.

How to Troubleshoot with Your 3d Printer (1hr):

Workshop 2: 3D printing check in #1!

Now that you have 3D printed some things, let's talk troubleshooting! This session will include a short presentation on running and maintaining your printer over time. We will also have a Q and A portion for you to get help or advice on anything related to your printer or 3D printing.

How to Use Your 3d Printer in the Classroom (1hr):

Workshop 3: 3D printing check in #2!

Let's talk projects! This session will include a short presentation on how to help students brainstorm 3D printing projects, as well as how to create 3D printing lessons. We will also have a Q and A portion for you to get help or advice on anything related to your printer or 3D printing.

Pi-Top Training Workshop Descriptions

The Essentials of pi-top:

Workshop 1

Each registered teacher will receive a pi-top. Learn from pi-top trainer Eli Phillips how to design and code with pi-top. You'll learn the essentials of pi-top. We'll navigate pi-top's social learning platform, with dozens of class projects, cheat sheets, training videos, and teacher support materials.

pi-top Roundtable 1:

Workshop 2

Now that you know the essentials to pi-top, join Eli Phillips from pi-top to answer all your burning questions.

pi-top Roundtable 2:

Workshop 3

Still have questions about pi-top, applications, class projects, or troubleshooting? Join pi-top training Eli Phillips for a Q & A session.

Meet your 3D Printing Trainer

Drew Wallis grew up in Arkansas and Pennsylvania and graduated with a Double Major in Communication and International Relations from the University of Arkansas in 2010. He then became a licensed teacher and taught in the classroom for four years. In 2015, Drew co-founded NWA3D, an educational 3D printing company that sold 3D printers to schools from 2015-2020. Having previously worked with Maker Made developing a 3D printer, he became Maker Made’s 3D Printing Guru in the Fall of 2020. Besides emerging technology and education, Drew has a passion for D&D, drumming, and biking. He currently lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas with his cat Spaghetti and calls the Hogs on a semi-frequent basis.

Meet your Pi-Top Trainer

Eli Phillips studied art, writing, and theater at Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. He started developing educational content ten years ago through an arts enrichment program, before moving to Austin. Through programs with local museums and maker spaces, he has designed and taught classes for kids and adults covering topics like 3D modeling and printing, vector design, laser cutting, physical computing, coding, basic electronics, and more. When he isn’t making or teaching, he’s walking a German shepherd named Dr. Bert or eating more pizza than you’d imagine he could.